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Grade - Level 3

Tour Description

“If you only have the chance to do one adventure ride this year, this is the North Island’s best.”

This trip has been developed and packaged by Bridge to Nowhere with track information provided by the Kennett Brothers..

This is a really big day so best to start early around 8.00 am. Leave your vehicle safely parked at the Raetihi Holiday Park. Cycle 40km down a back country road to the start of the track. The first half to  the Ruatiti Domain is mostly downhill-fast fun on a sealed road. Then the road narrows and breaks into gravel. Allow yourself 1.5 – 2 hours to reach the signpost start of “Mangapurua Road”. Alternatively for a shorter ride, Bridge to Nowhere Tours can drop you and your bike off at the start of the Track.

Mountains to Sea - Backpacker + Canoeing

All going well, it should take you about 3 – 5 hours to ride the next 38km along the Mangapurua Track to the Bridge to Nowhere. From the start of the track head left through a gate and cruise up a well graded 4 km climb. Look over your shoulder at the second gate – the views are stunning on a clear day! This is the one big climb of the day but it’s a piece of cake really. After an hour you will reach a letterbox and see a “National Park” sign ahead. The track is a paper road so it’s OK to continue riding.

About 2km from the letterbox, you will reach a Y-intersection and must go left. Continue rolling along the ridge and you’ll soon reach a sign posted walking track on your left that goes up to the Mangapurua Trig.

Prepare for the technical downhill into the valley. Make sure you veer right at the “Stafford” sign. Half an hour after that sign you will reach a large clearing in the valley that is a good place for a rest and regroup. From this point on it is all basically flat riding to the river. You will pass sites of abandoned farms that are signposted with the names of the original settlers. These names also serve as an indication of where you are on the track map we supply you, and how far you have to ride!

The Bridge itself quite aptly appears out of nowhere. There is a lookout track 100 metres on from the bridge and then toilets a few hundred metres further on. The ride down to the Mangapurua Landing and the Whanganui River takes about 15 minutes.

From the Mangapurua Landing catch the yellow Bridge to Nowhere jet boat  this will take you down to Pipiriki. You can ride back to Raetihi or Bridge to Nowhere can organise a shuttle back up to Raetihi and your vehicle.

If there is one trip you should do, then this is it!
The Bridge to Nowhere tour operators are a family run operation offering you and your group a friendly relaxed trip. We’ve developed a two day package Butt Buster The Works  (link) so that all your transportation and accommodation needs are looked after.

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Mountain Biking - Whanganui River

Mountain to Sea

Mangapurua/Bridge to Nowhere Track

Tour Description

Have a great day riding the Mangapurua Track. At a pre determined time we will pick you and your bike up at the Mangapurua Landing and jet boat you down river to Pipiriki. You can then carry on to your next destination!

Minimum numbers apply. Call us for details.


The Rambler - The Great Outdoors

Butt Buster

Mangapurua/Bridge to Nowhere Track

Minimum numbers apply and group discounts are available

Leave your vehicle safely parked at the Raetihi Holiday Park. Ride from there 40km through back country roads down the Ruatiti to the start of the Mangapurua Track. At the end of the track meet the Bridge to Nowhere yellow jet boat at the Mangapurua Landing and we will jet boat you and your bike down river to Pipiriki. Our shuttle van will then take you back to your vehicle at the Raetihi Holiday Park. You will be riding 75 km with this option.

Minimum numbers apply. Call us for details.

The Rambler

Mangapurua/Bridge to Nowhere Track

Leave your car safely parked at the Raetihi Holiday Park and along with your bike, catch our shuttle bus down the Ruatiti Valley to the start of the Mangapurua Track.
At the end of your ride meet our big yellow jet boat at the Mangapurua Landing and we will jet you and your bike back down river to Pipiriki. From Pipiriki you will then transported back to your car at the Raetihi Holiday Park.. You will be riding 35 km with this option

Minimum numbers apply. Call us for details.